Tiletek Industries offer a wide range of professional services. These include:
  • • Natural Stone Tiling
  • • Stacked / Feature Stone
  • • Porcelain & Ceramic
  • • Mosaic & Tessellated
  • • Waterproofing

In addition Tiletek also offers extra services that are an integral part of Tiling and job completion. These services include: Sealing, screeding, grinding, silicone and epoxy grouting.

  • • ( Sealing) Whether sealing of porcelain or stone tiles are required Tiletek are experts and possess all the necessary machinery and equipment for your project. All products used are of the highest quality and offers that 'peace of mind' guarantee to a finished project.
  • • ( Sceeding) Our Tilers are also elite screeders and able to create and achieve falls to any substrate necessary before commencement of tiling. We are able to screed expanse open areas to smaller bathrooms and showerbases.
  • • ( Grinding) Tiletek are very particular before commencing a project ensuring the substrate is suitable for tiling. Often a slab might not need the extent of a screed but minimal grinding and self-leveling may be required. Tiletek are able to prepare the substrate with grinding and leveling to make the area suitable for tiling.
  • • (Silicone) Silicone is a very important process to the final stages of tiling. Silicone should be used in all internal corners where one tile meets another. This is to ensure that no water can penetrate behind the tile and create water damage. Silicone can also be used to 'finish' and seal where timber skirting meets a tile or window frame. Silicone enhances the look of the tile making it aesthetically pleasing as well as preventing cracking and water leakage.
  • • (Epoxy Grout) Tiletek are experts at installing epoxy grout. When choosing a grout to finish your project, epoxy grout is the highest quality grout available. This gives the client total 'peace of mind'. Epoxy grout is a resin based grout making it waterproof, stain resistant and colour fast. Epoxy grout doesn't fade or crack and is so easy to clean leaving your grout as beautiful as the day it was installed. So why not ask us about the benefits today.


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